Features at a Glance

Free Standard Faxing

Part of Laurus Office infrastructure includes dedicated enterprise fax servers.  You do not have to purchase an additional fax package with Laurus.  Outgoing faxing is 100% free for all package type memberships!  Premium members will enjoy free incoming faxing.  

High Priority Faxing

Laurus dedicates a portion of its fax services for the purpose of priority faxing in the case emergency transmission is needed.  This service costs 4 cents per page and can be used by purchasing credits prior to faxing. 

Package Template Capabilities

create your own unique package templates that are lender and asset manager specific by pre-setting all of your own required document place holders inside of the software. Once you set your template, simply save it for future use and choose it as you go. This eliminates a tremendous amount of time preparing each file to be submitted to the lender with little constraints to customization.  You are not tied to simply building short sale packages within this software.

Package Building and Submission

This system allows you to build unlimited packages per property. Once one or all of your documents are all uploaded, you can easily assemble your package and cover page with the push of a button you can customize your cover page by choosing what you would like to include.  Choose to email as an attachment or password protected link, fax or download.   The system will send you a delivery confirmation and record the status of the event in your event log.

Single Document Submission

Fax or email individual documents in the same manner you would send a complete package ~ with cover sheets and customizable header and footer even while you are on the phone with the servicer. Complete tracking and archiving of email or faxes in and out of the system.  As with full packages, the system will notify you by email and event log of the result of the transmission.

Built-In Email Client

Premium account holders will enjoy Per Property or a single email address. Laurus has integrated the use of an email client to help track property specific communications. All emails incoming and outgoing will always be associated with the property for property specific emails. No more copying and pasting emails from your email account to the individual property notes. Very soon a single email address, aliased for use with your properties will be available to all accounts within Laurus Office.

Property Journal

The Laurus notes system uses a journal entry methodology with related tasked events and emails. For each journal entry you can associate a task such as follow up calls on a specific date. If the journal entry requires an email to be sent you may choose to email one or several recipients. Each time you view a journal entry all related information is shown with it, so you will see the journal entry and all related tasks, emails and events.


Assign tasks to a team member or yourself. These tasks send out reminders to your account email address and can also notify the master account holder on creation and completion in addition to the creator or assignee.

Event Notification

You can define specific events and be notified by email or SMS text message. Notifications can be defined for 1st notification X number of days before the events date, and notification on the date of the event.

Negotiation Screen

Negotiators can spend 90% of their time on this screen where all property information, including, mortgages, liens, offers, buyer and seller information, incomplete tasks and your latest journal entries are displayed. This screen was build by your own suggestions and needs and will continually be improved so we always encourage feedback!

Contact Manager

Most common Short Sale, REOs and Commercial Asset Managers information has been gathered for your use and is easily copied to your own account. Laurus built their contact manager to closely relate to the popular office program, Microsoft Outlook including all of the same fields. A vCard can be downloaded for each contact for automatic addition to Outlook. Our contact manager will contiually be imporved according to your needs.

Outsource or Insource Properties

Premium account holders will enjoy the ability to manage files on behalf of other members within the Laurus system. You many also outsource files.

Lender Document Library

Laurus has compiled a document library of the most common lenders Short Sale and/or Loan modification packages available to you within the Laurus system.

Document Upload and Converter

This feature enhances uploading by automatically converting all files: .doc, .xls, .pdf, .gif, .jpg, .tif, .png, .txt, .rdf and other formats to clean correct sized pdfs. No more having to convert documents to pdf prior to uploading it into the system.

Customizable Rights

Allow others involved in a particular transaction or sales process to tap into the system to access and manage information you specify by assigning group access rights.

Limited Logins

Keep your stakeholders informed or even allow them to interact by allowing buyers, sellers/homeowners or realtors involved in a particular transaction or sales process to view journal entries, activity and documents belonging to thier properties via an alternate limited login.


Laurus users have the option to customize pages and templates, including cover sheets and outgoing correspondence, to their specific branding requirements.

Unlimited Users

You may input as many users as you like in Laurus Office. Limitations are on concurent users and not entries.

Advanced Sorting and Filtering

All data views can be sorted by columns or filtered by criteria, allowing you to quickly retrieve the data that is most important to you. Furthermore, your data is easily and completely exportable ensuring you have control of your own data!

Branded and Private Labeling

Brand your application and correspondence with your own logo and company name.  Laurus also offers private label solutions for larger companies wishing to fully use their own branding and domain name. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a private label solution. 

PDF Tools

This complimentary satellite feature allows for the manipulation of pdf's (page extraction, page insertion, page rotation, resizing, bookmarking and other features normally only found in premium Adobe Professional Products). 

JVI Solutions

JVI is a professional appraiser owned and operated organization, assisting our clients and vendor partners in effective appraisal, inspection and educational problem solving. JVI Solutions has partnered with Laurus Office to provide individual solutions for users that are facing valuation issues such as High BPOs from lenders.

Data & File Back Up

Back up data stored in the Laurus Office system to your own local computer. Back up each property individually or your complete master account documents for all properties. Laurus office maintains on and off site backups of all data stored on the system automatically.

Secure Storage

Laurus provides secure storage for all your property files for as long as you have your membership with us. Enterprise packages allow for up to 1 year historical data retrieval and FTP access for file storage in addition to regular Laurus Office files.    

Enterprise Server Solution

Laurus Office' primary data center is located in a Tier-3 data facility, protected and guarded 24 hours a day. Laurus' redundant architecture allows us to scale quickly, and the use of grid (clustering) computing allows us to have all the processing power needed at a moment's notice WITHOUT compromising security.